How a Maintenance Retainer Saves Your Company Money?

How a Maintenance Retainer Saves Your Company Money?

Compare the Costs of an In-House Hire vs. a Support & Growth Package

*Salary figures are national average results on All numbers are rounded to the nearest thousand.
The job titles listed above represent the various skill sets required to maintain, enhance, and support your web presence. Your organization may not choose to hire a full-time in-house person for each of these titles; however, it will require the skill sets of each role to make ongoing enhancements and keep your website fully functional.

When you hire in-house staff, you get a highly qualified individual specializing in one aspect of web design, development, or support. With SG Web Partners’ Support and Growth Packages, all of our senior web development, design, project management, and hosting professionals work for you at at one blended rate to help you meet all of your ongoing web needs and business goals.

We are dedicated to delivering superior web management service to ensure you have the expertise, support and resources you need for your websites and applications to reach their full potential. Whether it’s implementing a new feature, handling maintenance and updates, or providing emergency web assistance, our team of experts is there to help.

If you’re wondering if you need a Maintenance Retainer, please check out this article: Why Do You Need A Ecommerce Maintenance Retainer?

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