WooCommerce Wholesale Website Roadmap [Template + Examples]

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WooCommerce Wholesale Website Roadmap [Template + Examples]

Are you looking to get started with wholesale on your WooCommerce store but not sure where to start?

In this guide, we break down what functionalities and requirements you need to think about.

Not only is this valuable for you to document and write down, but your development team will thank you!


  • How many products do you have?
  • How many color styles do you have for each product?
  • How many sizes do you have for each product?
  • Do you offer big and tall sizes?

Decoration, Folding & Poly bagging, and other services

  • Do you offer decoration options such as embroidery, screen printing, or heat transfer?
  • Do you need customers to be able to upload their logo or artwork if they choose decoration?

Allow customers to upload DST, AI, PSD, EPS, PNG, JPG files
If you would like customers to upload large files for product decoration options, how can they upload large files? In this example, the files uploaded go to the 3rd party Cloudinary that stores the design files. Throughout each step of the checkout process, customers will see the logos they uploaded and also have the logo on their Account pages.

Customer accounts

  • Do you want to be able to approve new distributors before they can access the distributor site?
  • Will different customers have different pricing tiers?
Wholesale Pro

Wholesale Pro

Add a WooCommerce Wholesale Area to your store!

Get the plugin!

WooCommerce Role Based Pricing

Do you run a B2B business where users that are logged in see different pricing? For example, let’s say your site shows non-logged in users a retail price of $100. If a user has been approved for a distributor account, their price would be 1/2 the price after logging in.

This is just one example of how you can show different prices based upon if the user is logged-in. Another possibility could be to show different prices if the user has the role “customer” vs. “distributor”.

Want to see a demo of how this could work for your store? See more at https://b2bdemo.sgwebpartners.com/product/mens-winter-hoodie-jacket/


Dynamic pricing data sets

For this example, we are going to assume that the minimum order quantity is a minimum of 50 or a specific style and capped the largest order quantity to 499 pieces.

Example #1: screen printing example with order matrix table

The 100% Cotton Basic T-Shirt has the following colors and sizes:
Garment: 100% Cotton Basic T-Shirt
Colors: White, Black, Navy, Grey, Red
Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Quantity Pricing Tiers

The pricing tiers will be based on order quantity:

QuantityPrice per piece
25 to 49$10.00
50 to 99$9.00
100 to 249$8.00
250 +$7.00

Data sets: Decoration and Folding and Poly Bagging

In addition to wholesale, your site also offers additional services such as decoration and folding and poly bagging. For order decoration you could offer screen printing, embroidery, or heat transfer. In the example below we are going to show you data set for screen printing decoration costs.

Variable Cost: Screen Printing

Variable cost based on order quantity and number of ink colors on the front and back.

Front ink colors — 50 to 99 order quantity

Front colorsPrice/pieceTotal/piece
1 color$1.50$1.50
2 colors$1.50 x 2$3.00
3 colors$1.50 x 3$4.50
4 colors$1.50 x 4$6.00
5 colors$1.50 x 5$7.50

Back ink colors — 50 to 99 order quantity

Back colorsPrice/pieceTotal/piece
1 color$2.00 $2.00
2 colors$2.00 x 2$4.00
3 colors$2.00 x 3$6.00
4 colors$2.00 x 4$8.00
5 colors$2.00 x 5$10.00

Front — 100 to 249 order quantity

Front colorsPrice/pieceTotal/piece
1 color$1.00$1.00
2 colors$1.00 + (1 x $0.80)$1.80
3 colors$1.00 + (2 x $0.80)$2.60
4 colors$1.00 + (3 x $0.80)$3.40
5 colors$1.00 + (4 x $0.80)$4.20

Back — 100 to 249 order quantity

Back colorsPrice/pieceTotal/piece
1 color$1.50$1.50
2 colors$1.50 + (1 x $0.80)$2.30
3 colors$1.50 + (2 x $0.80)$3.10
4 colors$1.50 + (3 x $0.80)$3.80
5 colors$1.50 + (4 x $0.80)$4.60

Front — 250 to 499 order quantity

Back colorsPrice/pieceTotal/piece
1 color$1.00$1.00
2 colors$1.00 + (1 x $0.50)$1.50
3 colors$1.00 + (2 x $0.50)$2.00
4 colors$1.00 + (3 x $0.50)$2.50
5 colors$1.00 + (4 x $0.50)$3.00

Back — 250 to 499 order quantity

Back colorsPrice/pieceTotal/piece
1 color$1.30$1.30
2 colors$1.30 + (1 x $0.50)$1.80
3 colors$1.30 + (2 x $0.50)$2.30
4 colors$1.30 + (3 x $0.50)$2.80
5 colors$1.30 + (4 x $0.50)$3.30

Variable cost: Folding and Polybagging

Variable cost at the product or global level based on order quantity.

QuantityPrice per piece
50 to 99$1.00
100 to 249$0.75
250 to 499$0.50

Inventory Management

  • Do you want to show the inventory you have in stock?
  • Will you allow backorders?
  • Do you want to show additional inventory quantities?

For example, in this order matrix table you can see that the inventory is showing stock levels for “in stock” and “60 days”. If a customer is planning on ordering a large amount of quantity you could show them a 60 day inventory level.

Payment options

  • What payment methods will your customers be able to use during checkout?
  • Will users be able to pay with net terms? For example: NET 15, NET 30, NET 45, NET 60, etc.
  • Is there a specific payment processor you are looking to use? For example: Stripe, Authorize Net, PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay

Shipping methods

  • Do you need to integrate your USPS, UPS, Fedex, or DHL account with your wholesale site to return live rates?
  • Do you want your customers to be able to track their shipment?

ERP and 3rd Party Integrations

  • Do you need your site to sync with your accounting software such as Quickbooks, Xero, etc?
  • Do you want your wholesale site to sync with your ERP system?

B2B Wholesale website demo

Use the demo link below to play around with a wholesale site and get a better idea of what the capabilities are.

Use this link to login to the demo: http://b2bdemo.sgwebpartners.com

user: demo@demo.com
password: demo123

After clicking the link, make sure to click “Order Now/Check Inventory” to see the order matrix table!

Examples of dynamic pricing data sets

Example 1: Charlie ordering 50 hoodies for his software company
Charlie is looking to order 50 hoodies for his software company. Each hoodie costs $10/piece. In addition, Charlie wants to print his company’s 2-color logo on the front of the hoodies at the left chest and have the hoodies folded and poly bagged.

Hoodies50 x $10.00$500
Screen Printing (2 color front)50 x (2 x $1.50)$150
Folding and Polybagging50 x $1.00$50

Example 2: Sam ordering 400 t-shirts for his music festival
Sam has started a successful music festival and estimates 400 customers to purchase his t-shirts. Each t-shirt costs $7/piece. In addition, Sam wants to print his company’s 3-color logo on the front and 1-color logo on the back of his t-shirts.

T-Shirt400 x $7.00$2,800
Screen Printing (3 color front)400 x ($1.00 + (2 x $0.50))$800
Screen Printing (1 color back)400 x ($1.30)$520

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