How to setup PayPal Standard (and sandbox account) in WooCommerce?

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How to setup PayPal Standard (and sandbox account) in WooCommerce?

In this guide, learn how to setup PayPal Standard for your WooCommerce store.

To clarify, this is not for PayPal Checkout. This is for PayPal Standard. To use PayPal Standard, you must have a PayPal business account.

Step 1: Enable PayPal in WooCommerce

The first step is to go to your WordPress dashboard, hover over WooCommerce, and go to the Settings.

Next, click the Payments tab.

Then, enable the PayPal payment method and click Setup.

Next, go to and sign in.

If you have not created a PayPal account yet, create a business account before proceeding.

Step 2: Get NVP/SOAP Integration (Classic) credentials

On your PayPal dashboard, click the “Settings” icon in the top right hand corner and then “Website Payments” under the Products & Services sidebar menu.

Next, on the “Website Payments” page, scroll down to “NVP/SOAP Integration (Classic)” heading and click “Manage API credentials”.

Then, you will be to view your API username, API password, and Signature. Copy these values.

Finally, paste these values in your PayPal settings on WooCommerce and click Save Changes.

Step 3: Enable Instant Payment Notifications (IPN)

If you want to enable Instant Payment Notifications, click enable IPN on your WooCommerce settings page.

Next, go back to your PayPal dashboard and to your Website payments page.

Then, click IPN and enable and save changes.

How to create a sandbox account for PayPal Standard?

On your WordPress dashboard, hover over WooCommerce and click Settings.

Next, click the Payments tab and click Manage next to PayPal.

Under Advanced Options, find “PayPal sandbox” and click “Enable PayPal sandbox”.

If you scroll to the bottom of your PayPal settings page, you will notice we need to insert our Sandbox API username, Sandbox API password, and Sandbox API signature.

To get these we need to go to your PayPal Developer account and Sign In.

On your PayPal Developer Dashboard, under the Sandbox menu click Accounts.

Then, on the Sandbox Test Accounts page, click Create Account and create a Business Account.

After creating your Business Account, hover over the Manage tab and click “Profile” to see your Account Details. Toggle the tab to “API Credentials”.

Then, copy and paste the Username, Password, and Signature into your WooCommerce PayPal sandbox settings.

Click Save changes.

Your sandbox account is all set up. The next step is to create a sandbox personal account to test transactions.

How can I test transactions using PayPal Sandbox?

To test live transactions on your site, you will need to setup a PayPal sandbox personal account.

First, go back to your PayPal Developer account dashboard and click “Accounts” on the Sandbox menu.

Next, click “Create Account” and create a Personal Account. After creating your personal account, copy your email address and password.

Then, go back to your WooCommerce store, go to a product page, add the product to Cart, and go to your Checkout page.

How do I know sandbox mode is enabled? On the Checkout page, you will notice the “SANDBOX ENABLED” shows up next to the PayPal payment method.

Finally, click Proceed to PayPal and enter in your personal sandbox account email address and password to complete your test transaction.  After your payment has been made, go back to your WooCommerce backend, click “Orders” to see your test order.


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