NEW FEATURE: How to setup your SG account

NEW FEATURE: How to setup your SG account

We wanted to automate this process further and in addition provide ways to update your subscription, payment method, billing address, and other account details.

All plans will renew automatically on the 1st of every month. For example, if you sign up for a plan on May 6th 2019 your first subscription will renew on the June 1st 2019 then on July 1st 2019 and so forth.

Follow the steps to below to setup your account.

Step 1: Choose your plan

Get started by choosing your plan on the Shop page.


Choose your plan

Step 2: Pay and Checkout

On the Cart page, click “Proceed to Checkout”.


On the Checkout page, enter your billing details and pay for your plan.

After signing up for your plan, a account will automatically be created for you.

Check your email for a order notification and your automatically generated password. You can reset your password by going to the Login page > clicking Account details, and resetting your password.

When a subscription renews on the 1st of every month will receive a email notification.

Step 3: Manage your plan in the Account dashboard

In your account dashboard you will be able to do view recent orders, manage your subscription, update your payment method, update your billing address, and update your email and password.


[VIDEO TUTORIAL] How to setup your SG account

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