Why Work With SG Web Partners

Why Choose Us?

People like us because we ask questions, understand your business model, work smart, and take the word, PARTNERSHIP very seriously.

Why We Are Different

Our Goal

Our Goal is simple: To deliver quality and result-driven solutions that gears your business toward growth in both clientele and revenue

We Get it Right the First Time

Over half of our clients come to us to fix mistakes made by other agencies. But once they find us, they stay. We want to be a long-term solution for your company that does your web presence right, and keeps it that way. If you’re tired of throwing away time and money at temporary “good enough” solutions, you’re in the right place.


At SG Web Partners we look for partnerships, not projects. We don’t sit on our heels waiting for you to bring us ideas, we are constantly thinking about the next step to get your business where it needs to be.

Streamlined to Save you Money

Low overhead and well refined processes allow us to offer agency quality website design and marketing campaigns at competitive price points.

On Time and On Budget

Full transparency on costs mean you’ll never be surprised with an unexpected charge or invoice. Our goal is to create a long term partnership centered around trust, and we respect your time and budget. We pride ourselves on adherence to timelines and estimates.

Responsive Customer Service

Quick turnarounds on correspondence and weekly updates to keep you informed on the progress of your project. We never leave our clients hanging.

Long Term Partnership

We design for businesses of all sizes and sectors, but our most successful clients are united by a common denominator: a relationship with SG Web that extends beyond the project. We’re your resident design and development experts, a digital consultant in your corner that understands your business needs. We’re more than an agency. We’re your partner.

On a more personal note, we would like to thank all of our clients that we have had the pleasure to work with over the past five years. You have helped us get to where we are today, and we look forward to working with you in the future.


We distill the latest marketing technology to separate game-changing innovations from passing trends. Change in our industry happens at breakneck speed and it’s our job to stay on top of it so you don’t have to.

Custom Development Experts

Unique businesses often need unique development solutions that cannot be bought off the shelf. Our development team is fully equipped with the knowledge and experience to analyze your needs.


SG Web Partners is the right partner for you. We maintain the involvement of a small agency, with the capability and skills to deploy the most powerful and modern web solutions available. We’ve worked with firms of all different sizes, from startups to companies with over $100 million in sales. We have successfully completed over 50 websites, including over a dozen CUSTOM ECOMMERCE Rebuilds.

100% Price Transparency

The Ecommerce development market desperately needs price transparency. Open conversations around pricing simply leads to Trust between both parties. Further, by having Data-backed pricing models, we also save ourselves and our clients Time + Money. That’s why our team broke that complexity down into a Ecommerce Calculator which automatically makes fast calculations based on common Ecommerce website requests.

No Bullshit

We’re never afraid to question the status quo – even when it comes from our clients. We love to challenge and to be challenged. We pride ourselves on being problem solvers, not order takers. This is why we put such a heavy emphasis on open communication. We believe that communication has to go both ways in order to get the best results.

Why Work With SG Web Partners

Why Our Clients Love SG Web Partners

Kelly Love

Kelly Love


We’ve really enjoyed working with the SG Web Partners team. They’re flexible, produce great work, and always make themselves available for our team.

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Jack Eickhof

Jack Eickhof


Our key deliverable was a custom WordPress website powered by WooCCommerce so our clients could pick any service, choose their time, and complete the order. Our customers are thrilled with the ease of ordering and the improvement of the customer accounts! It makes our lives much easier because all of our clients can book and receive their delivered content through our website now, whereas before our process was much more manual.

Oneshot Media
Akinyi Williams

Akinyi Williams


Professionalism, Patience, and Flexibility – Simon and Sevy’s focus exemplified these attributes every day as we teamed up to build our new website, and it is just perfect!

Western Capital
Our Clients

Client success is the foundation for everything we do

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A Team You Can Trust

We pour our hearts and souls into SG Web Partners and as an efficient, agile, expert team are able to spend the extra hours with our clients to deliver real business changing results like no one else can. To us, it’s a lifestyle, NOT A JOB-our work is our play and our play is our work.

Sevy Gondeck

Sevy Gondeck

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Simon Gondeck

Simon Gondeck

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The SG Code

6 principles that guide and inspire everything we do.

The SG Code


Let’s remain lean

Think smart, move fast.

The faster we go, the quicker we can innovate


We’re transparent, straightforward and respectful.


We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Customer Success=SG Success

Customer feedback is the foundation for everything we do.


Let's build something big