10 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Your Local Web Designer

Use these questions and tips I put together to identify what team is right for you!

1. Can I see examples of your portfolio?

Viewing REAL sites the agency has created gives you a better idea of HOW they work and the QUALITY of their work. Your website represents your business reputation online. Don’t discount your business with a low quality website.

See more of our work at our portfolio page.

2. Do you have testimonials of your work?

Does the agency have past clients who have written testimonials based on their work?

To get a better idea of their service type the agency name into Google and see what past customers have reviewed. Do you see any bad ratings? Be CERTAIN to bring this up when you talk to your agency.

Any agency with multiple 1, 2, or 3 star ratings should be a immediate pass.


3. How much will my website cost?

Make sure to ask your agency about price as soon as you can. The pricing conversation doesn’t have to be awkward. Finding the agency who can offer you the most value for your money is essential. 

4. How does your process work?

Why ask how their process works? A lot of agencies don’t follow a process and this leads to a website that is delayed, over budget, and not what you want! Picking a team that has a clear and thought out process will take more time but is the best strategy in the long run.

A good fit for you will be someone who has a process similar to this:

1. Discovery and Strategy

Define clients goals of website, collect written content and images, and plan how your website will achieve these goals.

2. Design

Create custom mockups for the client to review.

3. Development

Time to create the final product in code. We build sites on an open source ‘Content Management System’ WordPress and customize it so that you can edit content without knowing code

4. Testing

How does my site look on Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and gulp…Internet Explorer?

What about mobile devices?

Testing browser compatibility is a must before launching!

5. Launch

Your site will officially be launched!

If you want to read our entire process, check out this link!

5. How long will my project take?

If you want a high quality website with custom functionalities expect at least 2 months. If you want a quick fix you can set a website up today. If you are looking for a HIGH QUALITY website that can actually add more leads and sales then the process should take 2-3 months.

Watch out for anyone claiming that they can have your website done in under a month.


6. Will my website be mobile compatible and responsive?

How frustrating is it to find out a company and Google search it on your phone to find out that their site isn’t mobile compatible? Responsive design is undoubtedly one of the most important elements of your web page’s design. Without it, you stand to lose customers, leads, and conversions. With it, you stand to please your customers, get conversions, and retain users at a much higher rate.

Mobile access to the internet is on a major incline as everybody uses their phone or tablet to surf the web now.

50% of Google searches now come from mobile devices.

To get a visual, visit one of our other sites and play around with the size of your internet browser, or visit on your mobile device. You’ll see what we mean!

If your site doesn’t translate between devices and screen sizes, you’re going to lose customers, because 61% of users will leave a website when they encounter problems with optimization.


7. What are my responsibilities?

Knowing what you’re going to be responsible for is important. Full service agencies will offer web design, web development, SEO, content writing, photography, and social media. We only offer web design and development because that is something we can promise 100% EXECUTION on EVERY project. Asking your agency up front is a good way to set the expectation of who is responsible for what.

At MG we are responsible for all the web design and development as well as the managing the project, scheduling the meetings, and delivering on what the client wants. The client is responsible for providing us written content,  photos, and working with us to identify the goals of the site.

8. Do I receive training?

Does your prospective web team offer training on how to edit the site after the project is complete? A benefit of working with us is we offer training for our clients post launch. Not everyone does this. We do because this adds a lot of value to offering.

Why is training important?

We develop the site so you’re able to easily update your site in the future. We don’t believe in you calling us 2 months after the site is launched to ask how to update text or add a picture. Customer experience is super important to us and finding a partner who offers training is something that sets us apart from the competition.

9. Who owns the website after the launch?

When the website is complete does the agency own the website or do you? Some agencies have their client’s ‘lease’ their website to them for a monthly fee. Others allow you to host your website on your own hosting platform (i.e. GoDaddy or BlueHost). At MG the client can choose to host with us or host with their own hosting provider.

10. Are you using a CMS to develop the site?

Many agencies utilize either WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, or Magento. There is no perfect solution. However, bring this up sure so the CMS they pick is right for you long term.

Closing thoughts

Overall, use these questions the next time you are interviewing a prospective agency. It will definitely help you narrow down your list to find the best agency option for your website!